What Strength Makeup Glasses Do I Need?

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A word about strength (diopter). Reading glasses, or in this case makeup glasses, all have a common misconception regarding the term strength.  Strength determines focal length not size.  (it’s similar to another common misconception, foot-pounds.  Foot-pounds is a unit of work, not weight, Or, light-year which is a unit of distance not time), but then I digress, so back to focal length.

Non-prescription reading (or makeup) glasses have only one distance variable.  Since the distance from the actual eye to the glass is fixed (call it 1 inch), the distance from the glass to the object is the  only variable, and becomes the focal length.  Now the focal length may vary somewhat from person to person, but in general is as follows: 2x = 12 to 14 in; 2.5x = 10 to 12 in; 3x = 8 to 10 in; 3.5x = 6 to  8 in; and 4x = 4 to 6 in.

Now, the reality is that any strength would work for any person.  It is simply a matter of finding the correct focal length.  Try it yourself, put the glasses on, close the opposite eye, hold your index finger out at arms length, and slowly bring it in until it does focus.  Wha-la, you’ve found your focal length.   It is simply a matter of establishing the correct focal length to establish a comfort zone.

Plain glass mirrors are recommended for use with the iMagic Make-up Glasses.  We do not recommend the use of magnifying mirrors due their inherent distortion.

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