Why Can’t I See Up Close Anymore?

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So, you’re holding the newspaper farther and farther away to focus on it. At arms length yet? No? Yes? Or, are you getting headaches from trying to focus on close up things such as knitting or applying makeup?

Well, technically the problem is known as “Presbyopia” and is actually part and parcel of the natural aging process.  Nearly everyone is affected, and symptoms typically begin to surface around age 40  and  gradually continue to deteriorate.  It is widely believed that it is  the loss of strength of the ciliary muscles (which control the shape of the eye’s lens) which make a major contribution to the condition.

While there is no known cure for presbyopia, the most common remedy is readers, or reading glasses at various strengths.

But readers are of no help to those women that need to apply makeup like mascara, eye-liner, and eye-shadow. They are faced with the possibility of a poke in the eye with the mascara wand, or even worse, having mascara running down their nose and looking like a raccoon. Fortunately, it’s iMagic Makeup Glasses to the rescue, with the ingenious single lens that folds over from one eye to the other, allowing for detailed, ease of makeup application.

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